Computing and Business

The Faculty of Computing and Business provides expertise in the areas of Computing and Business Studies.

This is the most dynamic and rapidly-developing area of the curriculum and our faculty aims to harness the enthusiasm and curiosity of students in these key areas of study which are so relevant to life in the 21st century.

The Faculty of Computing and Business has embraced recent changes to the National Curriculum including the re-branding of ICT to Computing. Students enjoy lessons and the subjects are always popular choices at Key Stage 4.

The Faculty accommodation comprises 4 purpose-built computer rooms and 2 additional teaching classrooms.



All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are timetabled for a one-hour lesson per week in Computing. These lessons cover a wide range of topics in line with the recently published National Curriculum for Computing.

Students in Year 7 study the following topics:

Students in Year 8 study the following topics:

In Year 9 the Faculty is keen to provide students with some meaningful study and experience of areas of the Key Stage 4 curriculum. This is to assist students in making informed choices for their subject options at Key Stage 4.

Students in Year 9 study the following topics:


The Faculty of Computing and Business provides THREE popular courses at Key Stage 4 to accommodate students.

GCSE Business Studies (OCR)

There are 2 components of the GCSE Business Studies course:

Part One: Business Activity, Marketing and People (50%)
Part Two: Operations, Finance, and Influences on Business (50%)

Exam board link:

GCSE Computing (OCR)

There are 3 components of the existing GCSE Computing course:

Part One: Computer Systems (50%) 
Part Two: Algorithms, Programming and Computational Thinking (50%)
Part Three: Programming: Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) (Compulsory)

Exam board link:

Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise and Marketing

This course is suitable for students who may wish to progress onto related studies in enterprise, marketing and business.

There are 3 mandatory units:

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The Faculty of Computing and Business provides a number of opportunities outside of normal curriculum time. This includes at various times:


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