The Cambridge physics experience

On Tuesday 19th March, fifteen of our Year 10 students attended Cambridge University to take part in a Physics Experience Day. The Cambridge Physics Experience enabled our students to see University life at the prestigious and historical Cambridge University. The students were given the opportunity to visit Girton College which was very picturesque and was very well equipped. Students had the chance to ask questions about the social side of the university experience as well as the academic success at the University.

The second half of the day involved students visiting Cavendish Laboratory
where all the Physics workshops and seminars were taking place. There were two talks which students engaged in, one by a current student at the University and another by Dr Steve Martin who was a Physicist and lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

Our students were also able to participate in two workshops which involved the understanding of A-level Optics and they managed to complete both workshops independently despite it being A level material. Their team working skills and problem solving skills were excellent. We very impressed and proud of our students’ achievement on the trip.

Well done to the following students who participated on the Physics Experience Day: Kurren 10HAM, Aamina 10MER, Vraj 10MER Prisha 10RUR, Sakshi 10BOR, Aadit 10HAM, Jevin 10BEM, Jay 10MEM, Jai 10HAM, Rahima 10RUS, Moksh 10RUS, Jash 10MEM, Dillon 10CHM, Watheeq 10BEM, Nidhi 10HAM.