Supporting Your Child With Learning

Success at school is best realised when there is a three-way partnership between the student, teachers and parents.

There is so much you can do to support your child to do well and enjoy a fulfilling academy experience, regardless of their age or academic ability.

Know what to expect :

Make sure you attend all the information evenings offered by the school, at which you will have the opportunity to talk to members of staff and hear presentations with specific advice pertinent to your son or daughter. You will be able to take away resources to help you to make a positive difference at home. Use this website to find out more about the courses and subjects your child is studying and always ask questions, contacting the subject leader or Head of Year if you need to know more.

Know who to talk to:

Stay in contact with academy at all times. Our main methods of communication are through email and sometimes text message. It is therefore vital that parents keep academy up to date with latest contact information, including an email address, so that all information from academy gets to you. This can be a personal email or a work email. To contact a member of Rushey Mead staff send an email using their initial and surname followed by For example [email protected]

Know what you can do at home:

Providing a calm and quiet place with a table or desk for your child to work at will help them focus on work at home. Encourage them to have set times in the evening to complete homework – remember they do not have time to do their homework during the academy day and homework is regularly set.  Check Show My Homework on a regular basis, so that you are informed about up and coming deadlines.  Click here to access Show My Homework. 

A healthy diet can make a big difference, as can a reasonable bedtime so that your child can concentrate on their learning the next day. It is also advisable to make sure access to games consoles, mobile phones and computers is monitored to make sure your son or daughter is not distracted from their studies.

You can install "OurPact" App which helps to control access to the internet.  Click here to find out more. 

Have goals:

Take opportunities to review feedback from academy with your son or daughter. Ask to see the work they have been doing and find out how they did in assessments, homework etc.. Celebrate successes together and make sure you discuss where things have not gone so well, setting goals for future improvement. Discuss what your son or daughter might like to do in the future and raise their aspirations.

Keeping Children Safe in Education