Author Visit

Mr Siddiq’s year 7 Geography class were lucky enough to meet the author Matt Dickinson in the academy library on 12th June. Dickinson is a film-maker and writer who is best known for his award winning novels and his documentary work for National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel and the BBC. He talked to students and showed film clips and images from his expedition to the summit of Mount Everest.

Dickinson encouraged students to “think like geographers” as he asked them thought-provoking questions such as, “What is the impact of tourism on the local people and landscape of Nepal?” and “What does the economy look like in places like the villages on the way to Everest base camp?”

His talk was full of knowledge for our budding geographers and they were left curious to find out even more. He left students with this final message:
“As geographers, we have to think about change and the impact change has on people and the environment.”

One student remarked:
“The best bit about this session was that it inspired me to work in natural geography by looking at the Himalayan mountain range.”

28th June 2019
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