Transition Year 6 to 7

New Year 7 Transition Arrangements, 2020

We would like to ensure a smooth and enjoyable start for our new Year 7 students and therefore have organised a programme of transition activities.

Normally, we would have several opportunities in the summer term for students to visit our school, meet staff and other scholars, ask questions and generally start to find out all about our school. Parents would also have the opportunity to visit the school again, meet staff and find out about our routines and expectations.

Unfortunately, as you will appreciate, we are in very unusual circumstances this year. However, we are determined to find new ways of enabling our new families to become more familiar with Rushey Mead. Unfortunately year 6 pupils and their families are not able to visit Rushey Mead this term. This is not ideal, but is the same for all secondary schools across the city. Our staff are able to liaise with staff in your child’s primary school to find out a little more about each of our new students so we can make sure we have all the information we need to enable a successful start for your son / daughter.

With all of this in mind, further to the letters from the Principal sent to you, please see below other ways in which you can find out a little more about the RMA way:

Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from Mrs Kader

Please allow your child to watch this welcome message from our Principal, Mrs Kader

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of RMA

Please watch this virtual tour of RMA with your child, so as they can familiarise themselves with facilities and see where their lessons will take place.

Transition Presentation


Please watch this video which provides some key information for year 6 students about Rushey Mead. It is an introduction to some important aspects of the school so that there is an understanding of what it means to be a Rushey student and our expectations.

A Guide for Parents New to the School 2020-21

Our Transition Programme ensures new students feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at secondary school. It is extremely important we get to know every student who starts at Rushey Mead Academy as quickly as possible. Prior to their first day, we invest time and resources in understanding each child’s personality and abilities, as well as what they like to study, where they excel and where they need additional support.  This enables us to personalise their learning.

To help us gather all the relevant information, once we have reached the National Offer Day, you will receive an email with a link to our admission form. Please complete this as soon as possible and certainly before our spring visits begin.

We have a number of phases to help ensure the best possible transition process during the current climate:

  • A recorded message from the Principal, welcoming students and telling them a bit more about the school has been shared with parents/carers.
  • A virtual tour of our site and buildings to see our facilities and where lessons will take place has been shared with parents/carers.  This will help our new year group to be more familiar with the layout of the building and how to get around it.
  • Year 6 students have been sent photos of key staff with a short message so students and parents can get to know the adults who will be supporting them.
  • A  recorded version of our Transition Presentation to year 6 parents, outlining key information about the school has been shared with parents/carers.
  • Virtual meetings with year 6 staff to collate as much information as possible about our new year 7s.
  • Email messages between tutors and tutees so that they can get to know each other before school starts and ask questions.
  • Frequently Asked Question resource put together for parents to help reassure and provide key information about the school.
  • 1:1 appointments for those students who are vulnerable to help them have a high quality transition.
  • Distribution of a comprehensive Induction Booklet full of key information.
  • Parents can look up an outline of our year 7 curriculum on our website too:
  • The first day of the autumn term will be reserved just for Year 7 students.  They will start their time at Rushey Mead in a quiet, calm environment.
  • Early in the new autumn term we have a ‘Meet the Form Tutor’ evening for parents to find out how their child is settling in, ask questions and be able to put a name to key faces.

Further details can be found in the letter saved here.

Frequently asked questions for Year 7 transition can be found here.