Normandy trip

Normandy trip

By Radhika 9BEM

A group of 34 students had an amazing opportunity to go on the Normandy trip to a chateaux in France. The linguistic and cultural trip was organised to encourage the students to speak the language and help them to have a greater understanding of the French language. We were all incredibly excited to be going to France. When we finally arrived at the amazing chateau, we were all eager to meet our main team leader, Amy. Amy had arranged some evening activities for us, such as, elephant run and team building tasks.

On our first morning, we woke up to an amazing breakfast, which included authentic French croissants. These were delicious and set us up for our activities for the day. We visited the 949-year-old Bayeux tapestry, which is a staggering 70 metres long. After going through the audio tour, we went to Bayeux market where we had to buy ingredients for a two-course meal. Once we got back to the chateau, we had 20 minutes in groups of six to create the dishes. The team “les premiers” successfully won, not only because of their dish but also because of their fantastic French speaking skills where they were able to describe their dish to the chef. Later that evening, we completed the blind trail where students were blindfolded and had to go through the chateau’s greenery on an obstacle course. We also visited the magnificent Bayeux cathedral.

The following day we visited the incredible WWII battlefields at the Maisy Battery where we saw the old German trenches and the astounding site bunkers. We saw the enormous guns and weapons that were used during the war. We then visited the American Cemetery, which commemorated the American soldiers who died in WWII. Later that day we went to the Arromanches 360° cinema where we watched a short film about Normandy’s role in WWII. For our evening activity we had to protect an egg which was wrapped in packaging; however, our teachers (Miss Skevington, Miss Dean and Mr Moore) were obstacles in the way! At the end, we had the chance to crack the remaining unbroken egg on Amy, our team leader! The same night, we had the most delicious crepes and great fun at the karaoke night and everyone, including teachers, joined in!

The next day we set off early to go to Le Mont Saint-Michel, the second most visited tourist attraction in France! There was a large variety of shops ranging from food to souvenirs to clothes. There were even two museums in the castle.

On our last day we sadly left Chateau du Molay and said our farewells to Amy and the team. Our coach left and we made our way to Honfleur, where we had lunch and went shopping in the market; this was an amazing opportunity to see France before heading back to Leicester.

In conclusion, the trip was incredible. The excursions were great for learning and trying new things. Normandy is definitely worth a visit. We as a group became a team and we all thought it was the best trip ever!

28th January 2019
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