Transition Year 6 to 7

Our Transition Programme ensures new students feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at secondary school. It is extremely important we get to know every student who starts at Rushey Mead Academy as quickly as possible. Prior to their first day, we invest time and resources in understanding each child’s personality and abilities, as well as what they like to study, where they excel and where they need additional support.  This enables us to personalise their learning.

To help us gather all the relevant information, once we have reached the National Offer Day, you will receive an email with a link to our admission form. Please complete this as soon as possible and certainly before our spring visits begin.

We have a number of phases to help ensure the best possible transition process:

  1. During the Spring Term, we hold a series of half day visits so that each student can start to find out more about Rushey Mead Academy and begin to familiarise themselves with their new school. They will have the opportunity to meet the year team who will be working with them; Head of Year (Mr Siddiq), Assistant Head of Year (Mr Furniss) and the Behaviour Mentor (Ms. Measom).
  2. Students with additional needs may also be invited to attend extra small group visits, again allowing for students to feel familiar with our school and some staff before the Induction Day. Members of the SEND team will also visit students in their primary schools, to ensure a smooth transition to help reduce unnecessary stress.
  3. We have a very strong Language Development department who champion the diversity of language and celebrate the advantages of speaking more than one language. They provide support to teachers and students to ensure access to mainstream teaching and learning. This work also begins during the transition period so if your child needs extra language support, we are ready from the first day.
  4. During the Summer Term, once the students have completed their SATs, our Year 7 team make visits to the primary schools in order to meet the students and speak to the teachers who know them best (outside of home), before they join us. Induction is very carefully planned. All students who will be joining us in August are invited to an Induction Day before the summer holidays. This is an opportunity for students to take part in learning activities and lessons and gain a real feel for the school. There will be a meeting for parents in the evening where there is an opportunity to attend a presentation by the Principal (Mrs Kader) and other key members of the school.
  5. The first day of the autumn term is reserved just for year 7. They start their time at Rushey Mead with a full day in a quiet, calm environment. They spend time with their form tutor and tutor group, receive their timetable, ID badge and more information for life at Rushey Mead. They meet up with their student starter buddies who will support them in the first few weeks before moving off to their first official lessons at Rushey Mead. The rest of the school community start back after the summer break the following day.
  6. Early in the new autumn term we have a ‘Meet the Form Tutor’ evening for parents to find out how their child is settling in, ask questions and be able to put a name to key faces.

Rushey Mead Academy values all our students and take great efforts to ensure all students feel welcomed to the Rushey Mead family, are valued and supported at this crucial time of transition.

A Guide for Parents New to the School 2020-21