Student Achievement

Rushey Mead achieved outstanding outcomes for students in terms of attainment and progress when compared to national averages. The headline value added and progress scores have consistently been outstanding for many years:

  • In 2016, the school achieved a progress 8 score of +0.48 which ranked it in the top 8%.
  • In 2017, our Progress 8 score was 0.75, showing students achieve nearly a grade better across eight subjects than students with similar starting points in other schools. The attainment 8 score across eight subjects was 52.09.
  • In 2018, our Progress 8 score is once again outstanding at 0.75 and the attainment 8 score across eight subjects is 53.00 well above the national average.

Headlines from 2019 results:

% achieving grade 9-5 BASICS (maths and English).60%
% achieving grade 9-4 BASICS (maths and English).73%
% Entering the English Baccalaureate subjects71%
% achieving 5+ English Baccalaureate subjects42%
% staying on in Education and employment98%


On average 96% to 98% of students leaving Rushey Mead Academy continue with their education. They are supported by an expert team of careers advisors who help them make the right decisions and also support them with applications and interviews. We are always pleased to welcome back ex-students who visit us to share their successes and experience from university and beyond.

You can view the DfE academy performance tables website at the following link –

Summary of GCSE Results by subject 2019