Principal’s Welcome

Students’ safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance, so we seek to make sure that they thrive and are protected from harm and well equipped to make wise choices.  Our excellent pastoral support system ensures that students are helped to do their best and are happy in school. Students feel safe, nurtured and supported.

Our Rushey 1-2-3 expectations of Be Kind, Work Hard, Develop your Whole Self provide a framework for personal conduct and development for students.   From the moment a student arrives at Rushey Mead Academy we ask them to live these expectations, so that they permeate all that we do:

Be kind – We aim to develop respectful, tolerant students who are kind to everyone.

Work hard – We promote resilience and persistence in the face of challenges initiative as qualities to be admired and rewarded, at school, as they will be in life.

Develop your whole self – We want students to develop more than just academic excellence. We want them to use their leadership skills, sporting talent, musical or dramatic ability, raise money for charity or challenge themselves on the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. All of these make for rich and memorable experiences, develop qualities prized by employers and develop important wider attributes.

We take pride in our challenging and well-designed curriculum which seeks to give all our students access to the best which has been thought, said, written and created in every field of human endeavour. This ensures that our young people receive a broad, rich and deep education. Uniquely, each student studies a foreign language to GCSE level and the majority of our students study the English Baccalaureate set of subjects to GCSE level, signalling our drive to ensure all students benefit from an academic and enriching curriculum. Alongside traditional subjects, sport, music and the arts are highly valued. This can be seen in the range of sporting clubs and achievements each year, our high quality drama and dance productions and our Music Scholarship programme which has enabled us to grow a sixty strong orchestra in partnership with the London Philharmonia.  All of this allows our students to leave us as well rounded, happy young people, ready for success in the next phase of their lives.

We are fiercely ambitious for each one of our students. Being firmly rooted in our community, we benefit from the trust and support of our parents, who look to the academy to provide their children with the best possible education knowing that their children will be stretched, challenged and cherished.

  • Gulbanu Kader, Principal