The list below includes some key individuals who may be able to help you with your query.

For general enquiries please use [email protected]

To email a member of staff, please use the following format:[first initial][last name] e.g. G Lineker – [email protected]

Name Role Additional information
Ms R Hindocha Executive Principal
Ms V Barwell Principal Curriculum, Staffing, Behaviour, Child Protection
Ms J Bland Vice Principal Student Inclusion
Mr F Lohar Vice Principal Behaviour, Teaching, Learning and CPD
Ms H Mugglestone Vice Principal Quality and Standards
Ms N Thanki Assistant Principal Personal Development
Mrs M Baldwin-Jones Assistant Principal Data, Literacy and Interventions
Mrs S Harriman Assistant Principal PSHE, Pupil Belonging & Protected Characteristics
Mr A Rajput Assistant Principal Professional Learning & Early Career Framework
Ms V Harrisonwild Academy Manager
Ms S Takolia Specialist Leader: SEND
Ms P Launa-Hewage Specialist leader: Timetabling, Operations and Logistics

Name Subjects Included
Ms L Bridges/ Mr A Smith/Ms S Nawab Maths
Ms R Reading / Ms Cliffe English, Literature
Mr M Stopp & Ms V Patel Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science
Ms J Clarke/ Ms S Wright Geography
Ms C Henson & Mr L March History
Mr G Georgiou / Ms K Francis RE/Citizenship
Mr L Edwards Media Studies
Ms G Barlett /Ms L Clarke French, Spanish, Gujarati
Ms Khan Business Studies
Ms Chohan Computer Science
Ms J Mamo/Ms P Launa-Hewage Resistant Materials, Product Design, Textiles, Home Economics
Ms C Gahdia Economics
Mr J Acharya, Ms H Jackson, Ms R East PE, BTEC Sport, Dance
Ms S Chhana Art & Photography
Mrs S J Hunter Drama
Mr A Piper Music
Ms S Takolia SENDCO
Ms Z Umarji Health & Social Care
Ms S Harriman PSHE
Ms R Fletcher Reading & Language Development Coordinator
Ms H Mugglestone Careers

Name Year
Mr A Furniss / Mr S Siddiq / Ms M Pithwa Year 7
Ms F Jamal / Mr A Malida Year 8
Mr K Tariq / Ms P Raj / Ms E Donaghy Year 9
Mr R Bardolia / Mr D Harilal / Ms A Mirza Year 10
Ms T Sadiq / Ms C Kaur / Azam Mohamed Year 11
Ms R Bharakhada Safeguarding & Child Protection Lead
Ms M Bullivant & Ms M Jones Family Support Workers
Ms G Attenborough Alternative Provision Lead
Ms S McAdam Director TMET Institute
Mr S Renshaw Strategic Director Teaching School
Ms K O’Shaughnessy Director SCITT
Mr A Glover Director SCITT