Funding & Plans

One of the main reasons for the continued success of Rushey Mead Academy and its pioneering outlook is a constant focus on evaluating all aspects of practice and making sure we plan effectively for the future.

We perceive change as an opportunity not a threat and welcome the views of others to help us consider if we are doing the right things to have impact.

The academy undertakes full and searching evaluations of all areas of work, in particular focusing on the quality of education which includes the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum.  We monitor, review and evaluate behaviour and attitudes of students, their personal development and ensure leadership and management drives school improvement which includes outreach and collaboration within and beyond the Trust. From these evaluations, we plan for future improvement, continually striving to refine and further improve outcomes and wellbeing of students.

In addition to our own in-house reviews and observations, others are welcomed in to academy to share their expert opinions. In particular the academy’s governors play a vital role in this. ‘Challenge Partners’ is a national group of forward-thinking schools of which Rushey Mead is a lead partner. Every year we undergo a ‘Challenge Partners review’ to consider our effectiveness and Ofsted also considers whether the academy continues to be ‘Outstanding’. We are pleased to share reviews, plans and evaluations and the links below reflect most recent examples:

Ofsted Report March 2022 – Rushey Mead Academy

Challenge Partners Report – February 2020

Summary School Improvement Plan 2021 – 2022

School Evaluation Form 2021-2022

Use of additional funding

Supplemental Funding Agreement

Catch up Premium Plan 2020 2021 Impact

Pupil Premium Plan 2020-2021

Pupil Premium Budget 2020-2021

RMA Pupil Premium Strategy 2021

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