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Congratulations on the results you have achieved and for your hard work across the last five years at Rushey Mead Academy. If you would like to raise a query about your results then please click on the link below to access the online form. Once submitted, you will receive a response within 5 working days.

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It has been an unprecedented and turbulent year but we are very proud of you and your achievement.

We know our year 11 students and families are eagerly and nervously waiting for their results to be released on Thursday 20th August.

Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, results day 2020 will be very different from previous years. Given the current need to social distance and especially following the recent outbreak in Leicester, the decision has been made to send students their exam results electronically on email, rather than have students travel into school to collect them. This decision has been made to ensure all students receive their results in the morning at the same time to avoid unnecessary, prolonged stress waiting for a specific time slot to come in and collect results later in the day.

Any student who doesn’t know how to access school emails from home or doesn’t have access to the necessary technology, must contact the school before Thursday 20th August to ensure provision/support is put in place so results can be accessed.

Students will be emailed their results by 9.00am on Thursday 20th August. We are deeply saddened by these turn of events because results day is such a key moment in the school calendar as well as in the student’s lives. We enjoy celebrating with you and recognise the importance of being in school and around support if needed. Rest assured that Rushey Mead will be on hand during and after results day to support any students about their next steps. A member of the careers team will be available from 9.00am to 1.00pm on Thursday 20th August to discuss your results and next steps.

We have a long standing tradition as a school to invite the top performing students to be given their results early on the day and this will continue in 2020.  The top performing 25 students will receive a phone call on Wednesday 19th August inviting them into school to open their results as a group and celebrate their fabulous achievements together.  This will be done in a manner which adheres to social distancing rules. Plans have been drawn up to ensure this is as safe as possible, however if the students would rather not attend school, we understand and will instead email the results as explained above. To ensure maximum safety, unfortunately this year, parents will not be allowed to attend with their students inside the building, but can wait outside ready to celebrate.

With examinations cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is a highly unusual year. Despite the changes to the exams this year, both the Mead secondary schools, Orchard Mead Academy and Rushey Mead Academy, were determined that our students would still have a fair assessment of their achievements in each subject in line with that which would have been achieved if the examinations had gone ahead as planned. We are confident this has been provided for with a very thorough process for awarding Centre Assessed Grades which were then submitted to examination boards.  We are confident of our approach because:

  • Our teachers know their students well and our schools are able to assess grades with a high degree of accuracy.
  • The grades both centres submitted to the exam boards were agreed by each school following an internal quality assurance process common across both schools and are not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher.
  • The standardisation model developed by Ofqual and the awarding organisations is statistical and may not reflect the grades submitted by the centre.
  • The standardisation process applied by the exam boards ensures grades awarded this year are consistent with those awarded to other cohorts in other years.
  • This was the fairest possible approach available under extreme circumstances. It is a rigorous process which means that grades awarded this year are as valid as in any other year.

Below is a link to video and an information poster from Ofqual explaining how grading was approached this year:

Grading in 2020: information for students

Process for awarding GCSEs, AS and A levels summer 2020

Awarding Qualifications

Student Guide Summer 2020

We consider ourselves to be a Rushey family, so we will miss you on results day and we will miss seeing you open your envelopes and watching your reactions after five years of hard work. We would love to be there with you for this life milestone, so instead, if possible, please film your reaction to your results and send it to us either via our social media (Twitter – @rusheymeadacad) or email the video to us on [email protected].

Good luck from everyone at Rushey!

Support phonelines

Exam Results Helpline

Telephone 0800 100 900


The Exam Results Helpline can provide information on appeals, complaints, or what your next steps may be once you’ve received your results.


Telephone 0300 303 3344

Contact the Ofqual student support phoneline if you want to find out more about how you were graded, the autumn exams series, how to make an appeal or raise a concern about bias or discrimination.

Click on the link below to see the Mock Timetable.

Mock Exam Timetable 2021 October-November

Results day contacts

Click on the attachments to find out who to contact on results day should you have any quires about your results.

Results Day Contact Details


Please find both the parent letter sent out regarding appeals and the process of appealing results as well as the time line for appeals.

Appeals Letter 2021

GCSE Results Appeals Timeline

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