At Rushey Mead all students, teachers and parents share a common vision to “Make A Positive Difference”.

This underpins everything we do and helps us to achieve the best outcomes for all students.

Every day at Rushey Mead we work together to Make A Positive Difference.

  • To ourselves. We support students to achieve the highest standards, not just in lessons and examinations, but also in extra-curricular activities. We encourage them to consider their behaviour and to understand how this behaviour makes a positive difference to them and their future prospects. Every individual truly matters and we support them to be the best they can be.
  • To others. Students at Rushey Mead consider their place in society and understand what it means to be a good citizen. The academy is extensively involved in charitable activity and students fully participate not only in fundraising for good causes but also in actively  helping others. The development of leadership skills for students is an important focus for the academy through our “Compass” student leadership scheme. On a daily basis staff and students support one another and their peers to mutual success.
  • To our world. Every day we encourage all members of our learning community to respect their surroundings and make sustainable choices for the future. We take collective responsibility to make Rushey Mead, Leicester and the wider world a better place.

Rushey 1-2-3

We want our students to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities, by embracing our Rushey 1-2-3 Expectations of Be Kind, Work Hard, Develop your Whole Self.  From the moment a student arrives at Rushey Mead Academy we ask them to live these expectations, so that it permeates in all that we do:

1. Be kind – We aim to develop respectful, tolerant students who are kind to everyone.

2. Work hard – We promote resilience, grit and determination as qualities to be admired and rewarded, at school, as they will be in life. We expect our students to respond to feedback, improve and not give up.  Our students will learn that success needs hard work and effort.

3. Develop your whole self – We want students to achieve more than just academic excellence.  We encourage all students to develop themselves through our extra-curricular provision, so that they leave Rushey Mead Academy as well-rounded citizens who are equipped with the skills they need for life. We want them to develop their leadership skills, sporting talent, musical and dramatic ability.  We expect them to raise money for charity and challenge themselves to try something new and unfamiliar. All of the experiences aim to develop a whole range of skills, which will help both to find rewarding jobs and to thrive more generally in later life