New to Rushey Mead

Advice for students who are starting at Rushey Mead Academy

A very warm welcome to all students who have just started or are about to start at Rushey Mead. We know how daunting it can seem to come to secondary school, especially as Rushey Mead is so big compared to many of your primary schools. One of the most important things for us is to make sure you are happy and safe at Rushey and that you enjoy coming to school every day. Read on for some advice about how to settle in quickly and where to go for help and advice:

  • Before you come to Rushey Mead you will have the chance to visit the Academy on our year 6 transition days. This will help you to become familiar with where everything is, and you will be able to meet some of your teachers and other students who will be in your tutor group.
  • Your form teacher is there to help; he or she will see you every morning and will make sure you know where to go and what you should be doing. Always ask if you are not sure.
  • Every new tutor group at Rushey Mead has two starter buddies. These older students will make sure you find your way around between lessons for the first few weeks and will also be there to make sure you are OK at lunch and breaktime.
  • Make sure you know your timetable really well, especially which lunch sitting you are on. A planner is a really good place to record information, including all the homework you are set, so that you don’t miss any deadlines.
  • If you are polite and show respect to teachers and other students you will definitely do well.

The most important thing to do is to ASK if you have a question and TELL SOMEONE if you have a concern. Any member of staff will listen and help but don’t forget the best people to talk to are your form tutor, or someone from the Year team.

Perhaps the best advice comes from some of our older students:

“Persevere with your studies because it’s easier to keep on top of your studies than fall behind.”  – Raman

“Don’t worry because you’ll quickly learn your way around school, but if you get lost then there is plenty of help so you can find your way.”  – Bindi

“Work to your fullest. Your work in Year 7 needs to be the same standard as Year 10.” – Anika

“If you ever need help us year 8 students are always here to help.” – Ritik

“I advise you to focus on your learning and get to your classrooms on time. Behave, so you don’t get into trouble and avoid C3s. Always keep your lanyard on and wear the correct uniform.”  – Sakina & Ella

“If you get lost then ask anyone to help you because there are lots of people here to help!”  – Priyanka

“Stay happy, you can do any job easily if you’re happy with it!”  – Udit & Bhumini

“If you collect lots of Rushey Rewards you will be able to buy things!”  – Krishnan

“Follow the Rushey Way and be Rushey SMART.“  – Rubica

“On my first day I felt kind of nervous because I didn’t have any mates and I felt a bit scared but also a bit happy. On the first day I got a couple of friends and some from the older years. Now, after 3 weeks I feel happy and excited as I’ve got new friends and we meet up and eat in the Sports Café. The best bit about Rushey Mead is the lunches. You can get hot food and get it quickly. I hope you have a fantastic first day when you come to Year 7!”  – Abhay

“Be smart by giving your homework in on time.” – Hinesh




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