Exam Preparation

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All our experience and research shows that Exam preparation for GCSEs is a TWO YEAR programme; it is not something that starts after Christmas in year 11.

You need to make sure that you understand all the content you cover as you go through the year. If there are any aspects you do not fully understand, see your teacher immediately. You need to memorise material as you go through the course and it is almost impossible to memorise material that you do not fully understand. Do not wait until year 11 to focus on problem areas.

It is important to use EFFECTIVE techniques to memorise material.

Please find a revision booklet (attached) that will support you with this.

Please find attached YouTube links that will further support our students.   Creating a bespoke timetable to support with organisation and completing all set tasks.

Do not:-

  • re-read multiple times,
  • read and highlight,
  • copy material out.

All of these activities require very little brain effort and thus have very little impact on your long-term memory.

At the core of your learning by heart should be:_

(Click on each technique for further explanation)

  • testing yourself (Retrieval Practice) (MISSING FILE)
  • returning to material, to review it, over time, multiple times. ( Spaced Learning) (MISSING FILE)

The following techniques are also useful and have been proven to be EFFECTIVE.

  • Elaboration – asking yourself ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions (MISSING FILE)
  • Dual Coding – using pictures as well as words (MISSING FILE)
  • Interleaving – splitting revision sessions and varying topics/subjects rather than focusing on long blocks of the same thing (MISSING FILE)
  • Concrete Examples – using specific examples of a concept or technique to help you understand and memorise them. (MISSING FILE)

When you come to the run-up to exams you will need a Revision Timetable. Blank month planners are available from the KS4 office or can be down loaded here. (MISSING FILE)

This guide (click to print or view a revision checklist (MISSING FILE)) will help you to organise yourself.

All subject specific resources that you may need are available on the student shared area. Click here to access the Revision folder which has Revision Checklists, Knowledge Organisers, Exam Technique Booklets etc.

Each subject also has its own, separate folder on the Student Shared Area (Foldr) with even more resources for you to access, including links to past paper questions.

Students frequently start to feel anxious and stressed as exam approach and it is important to look after your mental health.

Click here for a general guide to staying calm and happy and here to see a range of Apps for your phone.

At RMA we have created Animated Study Skills videos for you to watch together (adults and children).

They are designed to support with completing homework as well as ways to prepare for tests and exams.

Please watch these together and discuss ways you can best support the development of independent home learning, which will support academic progress.

Please click the links below to view the videos.

Effective Study spaces – YouTube

Pomodoro Study Technique – YouTube

Organising your time – YouTube

Distractions – YouTube

Listening to music when studying – YouTube

Brain Dump – YouTube

Checking for Understanding – YouTube

Hydration & Energy Drinks – YouTube

Food – YouTube

Rest & Sleep RMA – YouTube

Year 10 Homework Timetable – YouTube

Year 11 Homework Timetable – YouTube

The last piece of advice is to ASK your teachers – we are here to help if you aren’t sure of anything.