In lessons we want to give our students access to the best which has been thought, said and written in every field of human endeavour so that they are knowledgeable, critical, enriched and well poised to lead fulfilling lives. To this end, we seek to ensure that each teacher in each lesson is able to do the best for each learner, delivering quality first teaching.

Teachers follow the Rushey Principles of Instruction, which are based on research of the most effective teaching and learning methodology, influenced in particular by Barak Rosenshine’s research.

The emphasis of teaching is on Direct Instruction, based on the principle of “I do, We do, You do”, ensuring students have plenty of guided practice, with support and scaffolding, in order to master the new learning, avoid any misconceptions and be able to apply the learning in new contexts.

In all subjects there is an emphasis on memorisation, leading to automatic recall. Memorisation strategies are taught explicitly through assemblies and tutor time, as well as in lessons. Knowledge Organisers are used to identify key information to be memorised as a minimum, and these are shared with parents to support learning at home. Parents are also invited to attend sessions where they can be taught more about the science of learning, and how to support their child’s learning at home.

Professional Learning time is dedicated to giving teachers the opportunity to collaborate on aspects of the Principles of Instruction, observe peers and self-reflect on their own teaching. Quality Assurance processes show the impact of this is that the standard of teaching across the school is very high and teaching is very effective.

The Challenge Partners Review in February stated that “the leadership of teaching and learning is of the highest quality. Best practice within the school is shared and many staff work with other schools both locally and nationally to improve the quality of teaching in those schools.”

The Review went on to highlight the good practice that takes place in our classrooms every day: “High-quality teaching is the norm found at the school.”, “Teachers ensure that students make exceptionally good progress by planning well-structured lessons, linked to high expectations of work and behaviour.” , “Classes are managed very competently, with well-practised and effective routines.”, “Teachers question students skilfully”.

Rushey Mead Academy Quality Assurance Review