“How we are seen determines in part how we are treated; how we treat others is based on how we see them; such seeing comes from representation.” – Richard Dyer from The Matter of Images: Essays on Representation


The purpose of the Media Studies curriculum is to create students who have a keen and critical eye when it comes to reading media texts. The curriculum provides opportunities for students to identify how media texts are created, how the context in which they are created has an influence on them and how representations can change over time.

Key Stage 4 features and summary

AQA GCSE Media Studies offers students an interactive and engaging course that aims to broaden students’ minds. Students cover all aspects of media including language, representations, industries and audiences, giving students both an overall and in-depth understanding of how media represents the world. Topics offer a broad overview of the subject as well as a more detailed study of relevant and contemporary content.

KS4 curriculum map & knowledge organisers

Media Studies Curriculum Map Year 11 (MISSING FILE)
Media Studies Curriculum Map 2021 (Yr10 & Yr11) (MISSING FILE)

Assessment and feedback

Assessment: Students undertake knowledge tests throughout the course. There is also an EOY test in Year 10 and mock exams in Year 11.

Feedback: Students are provided with a range of feedback both written and oral that supports their learning and progress over time.

Exam Board


Useful websites and resources




Co-curricular opportunities

There are opportunities to visit the BFI in London for study days relevant to the GCSE Media Course.

Stretch and challenge opportunities

Visit: https://www.phoenix.org.uk/

Watch: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news/50-greatest-films-all-time

Read: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/culture


Homework will include the revision of key concepts studied in class, Close Study Products and preparation for knowledge tests. Homework should take half an hour a week.

Revision advice

Consolidate knowledge of Close Study Products by undertaking self-quizzing.

Re-watch or re-read Close Study Product texts.

Create Knowledge Organisers for each Close Study Product.

Faculty Staff

Rosalynn Reading (Lead Teacher) : [email protected]