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All students study Art during Key Stage 3 in mixed ability classes, having one lesson each week throughout the year, 40 lessons a year and 120 lessons in total in KS3. During this time, we develop students' ability to draw, create and build the confidence to choose either GCSE Art or GCSE Photography.

GCSE Art & Photography are popular option choices and our results are well above the national average.


The Key Stage 3 Art course is designed to enable students to build on their art skills each year.  It follows the structure of the OCR GCSE and allows the art team to be innovative, creating projects ranging from Japan to Alice in Wonderland. The tables shows the hierarchy of skills that students develop in KS3 Art.

This structure which grows with each year allows us to simplify the marking and feedback system, giving students a chance to develop their abilities in media independently. The media we explore are: drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, clay work, three dimensional, relief work, Papiér Maché, wire work and Photoshop and Paper.

During each project, students explore the work of different artists throughout art history, the contemporary period and from different cultures around the world. This enables them to learn about the world around them through art and also helps to inspire them to create their own pieces of art work.  We encourage students to work independently and take creative risks with their learning and art work.  Students are given homework that explores, expands or reinforces their learning from their lesson.

Without experiencing Art and Sculpture first hand students have little clue about the power these pieces can exert on the cultural and social conscience. In order to build a full understanding of art in modern culture we take students on regular trips to galleries in the Leicester and around the UK.

We also believe in the necessity to experience weird objects and pieces of art first hand! Through the Creative Library Services we are able to introduce students to a plethora of original artwork and resources that would normally be unavailable outside of a museum.


The Key Stage 4 GCSE Art curriculum builds successfully from Key Stage 3. Students follow an art journey through each project which guides them through the GCSE assessment objectives in a creative way. Each project enables students to work independently with support from their teacher using a range of media and study artists that they find interesting.

The GCSE courses on offer include GCSE Fine Art and GCSE Photography with the OCR exam board. This consist of a:

60% portfolio task
40% Set task (10-hour practical exam)

The GCSE courses offer students the opportunity to explore their ideas, imagination and creativity using a variety of Art or Photographic skills and techniques.

Projects are interpreted independently by students from a range of starting points and can include natural forms, still life, portraits, pattern, abstract, representational art work and three-dimensional work.

In Year 10 students will undertake two projects allowing them to develop their skills still further and build a strong portfolio project.

During Year 11 the students sit a mock exam from September until October and the set task from January until after Easter.

Each project is marked on the GCSE criteria which links closely to the Rushey Mead Assessment Framework above. See the websites below for more details.


GCSE Fine Art
GCSE Photography



  • GCSE Art Catch up every Tuesday/Thursday 3-4pm in A110, A111, A113 & A114
  • Year 7 Drawing Club - Thursday in A113
  • The Big Draw
  • Art competitions & events throughout the year
  • Art Award


Mr Durham:  [email protected]